Lucius @ the Paramount

Austin is a special place to Lucius and this was a special night for them. Did you know they were college roomies? Apparently their other roommate lives in Austin. The show had the feeling of a house concert but in a church cathedral. The Paramount Theater made for a beautiful setting. The Paramount is one of those beautiful old theaters that just celebrated it’s centennial in 2015. The sound was perfect.

Lucius is a band with two female lead singers. They could be sisters, the way their voices harmonize together, but they are not. They could be twins but they just dress like they are. Lately they have been touring with Roger Waters but I’ve seen them backup Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) as well. All of that time on the road has made them really great performers. While their music is slow and “pretty”, they still offer a performance. They wear beautiful costumes, face each other in almost a theather-in-the round style and clap and stomp in unison. It is so perfectly orchestrated and not boring at all. It’s mesmerizing.

Their opener unfortunately was not mesmerizing. It was boring. Cornelia Murr sang a half-hour of slow, girl-wailing tunes with a keyboard pumping out rhythmic waves of slow techno. Did I mention slow? Her voice wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t fun or interesting. Most of the audience was out in the foyer talking and having a drink. I didn’t blame them.

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