Tonight (8/11) it’s Wild Child at Cornerstone

It just seems like the right thing to do for so many reasons…

  1. Andee would want me to go to this show. And, in fact, she does. We spoke this morning before she headed to the New West Fest and she encouraged me (again) to go see them
  2. I’ve wanted to see Wild Child for awhile now because of Andee’s recommendation and because one of their songs has been in my Spotify playlist for a bazillion years, but it’s never worked out for a variety of reasons
  3. I’ve never been to Cornerstone for music and it seems like if I’m recommending shows at Cornerstone, I should probably check out the venue
  4. When I went to Spotify to listen to Wild Child, similar artists included Mt Joy who I like (well, I like the one or two songs that I’ve heard and I’ve been trying to see them). Digression: I missed them at SXSW and couldn’t go see them the last time they played the Bay Area because I was going to a different show (and I was not unhappy with my choice). That show ultimately sold out (which is awesome). The next show was announced at a larger venue (The Independent vs either du Nord or the Swedish — can’t remember which) and I stupidly waited to buy tickets and they sold out. I’m totally bummed! If anyone has an extra ticket to Mt Joy at the Independent next Friday night (8/17), let me know. I’ll totally take it off your hands and give it a good home. I promise!
  5. I get a ride to and from the show
  6. I haven’t been to a show in over a week!
  7. I don’t have plans to go to a show until this Sat* (8/18 — Nathaniel Rateliff) so it would be over TWO weeks if I did’t go tonight
  8. I don’t have any other plans this weekend (and while I don’t like to have plans on the weekends, it’s good to force myself to shower and leave the house occassionally)
  9. The show is $19 at the door. It’s hard to say no to a show that’s under $20 which reminds me that Parker Millsap tickets went on sale yesterday for The Chapel on Tuesday, October 30th. That show is also under $20 and it should sell out. That is not to say that it *will* sell out, that is to say that it *should* sell out. I’ve got my tickets plus 5 friends already. I can think of at least 4 more who will be going. He’s great; it’s gonna be a good time. You should buy your tickets before the show sells out; learn from my Mt Joy mistake!

Of course not all of the reasons listed above will apply to you personally, but perhaps some of them will or perhaps you can come up with one or two of your own to replace the ones that don’t apply to you. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

*unless someone offers me that Mt Joy ticket that is discussed in #4 Digression, then it would be exactly two weeks


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