Langhorn Slim & the Lost at Last Band with the Harvest Thieves

It’s always a great time when Langhorne Slim comes to town! He has moved on from “The Law” and is playing with the “Lost at Last” Band but nothing has changed really. In the intimate space of Antone’s we shared a wonderful evening among good music lovers. Langhorne, a.k.a. Sean Scolnick spent a lot of the evening giving backstory to his tunes. You can easily see that the passion in his music is real and he wants his audience to know the why behind the song. This may at times exasperate his band. They had their version of the Jeopardy song they would start to play when his stories got a bit too long but it all seemed to be in jest. I might feel the same if I had heard the stories every night while on tour but as an audience member, I loved hearing the backstory about his vintage car and recovering it after it was stolen!Overall Langhorne still continues to deliver an engaging live performance. He joined the audience a few times, sang directly to many of his fans and even chose to give love to a heckler. Sobriety sometimes takes the edge away from an artist. Langhorne seems to be able to channel his sobriety experience into art, making it an even better performance.The opening band, Harvest Thieves is an Austin band that I cannot recall seeing before but I will happily see them again. They are very much a band Jenn Marks will love; a little dirty, a little greasy, great rock and good melodies. Did you hear that San Francisco? When they go on tour, go see this band!

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