Middlespoon at KUTX 98.9 Studios

Sharing a gender-bending message with fun dance pop, this duo was a dance party hiding behind a two-member band. In the quiet studios of KUTX the audience of 40 or so struggled to stay seated and when I closed my eyes, I was at Bonnaroo among a throbbing crowd of sweaty dancers. Think about a sort of social-justice themed Justin Timberlake without the big production dance moves, tho there were plenty of dance moves thrown. These guys were really fun. Surprisingly, the guitarist/keyboardist, Jinx McGee seems to be the quiet brain of the duo while singer, Alexander Beats provides the voice (often auto-tuned) and a vibrant personality to the band. These guys are more than a pop band. Their songs bring up social issues and share a support for the LGBTQ community. It’s got a great beat, you can dance to it, and you can be woke… all at the same time!

Case in point, check out this video of their tune HouseWife:


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