The Lone Bellow at the Fillmore, 3/6/18

The Lone Bellow is another Hardly Strictly Bluegrass ‘find’. There are a few ways that I find new music and that list includes recommendations from friends, as well as supporting acts.  However, the number one way that I find new music is festivals — SXSW, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Red Wing Roots.

The Lone Bellow was a HSB 2014 discovery. When they were announced as a part of the line-up, Peter mentioned that we should check them out and so I did.  I liked what I heard and so found myself on the Sunday of HSB 2014 with a group of my favorite people, including Andee, being completely blown away by this band. They took the stage and they owned it from the first note. Everything about them is rock -n- roll and while they have become a bit more theatrical as they’ve grown (lots of hair flipping and posturing and lights when I saw them at RWR), they are still bringing it every night.

This is a band that deserves your attention. If you want real inspiration, read the story of how the band became a band. Reading interviews with this band almost always brings a tear to my eyes. They’re pretty too, but I can’t seem to find any pics of them and sadly I have to go to the place that pays me (cause otherwise how would I afford my rock and roll lifestyle?).

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